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Boundary Expeditions employs the best professional outdoorsmen. Each trip is guided by experienced licensed guides; our guide to guest ratio is higher than other companies allowing us to customize each trip to our guest needs and provide great service. Each member of our crew brings forth a unique personality that collectively makes for a fun and safe trip for our guests.

All of our crew are active outdoorsman and willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others. You will find our guides’ zest for life and adventure contagious as they share, teach, laugh, and enjoy each day with you on your trip. You will note how hard they work and how well they work as a team, making you feel secure and relaxed as you travel with them through this incredible place they choose to spend their entire summer. They are a great example of working hard and playing hard. You will be amazed at how well they take care of you and your group with a smile, confidence, and positive attitude.



Justin Howells, Co-Owner & Guide

Justin started rafting on the upper Main Salmon River running day trips for Triangle C Ranch in Stanley in 1997. That fall, he moved out to the Middle Fork and has been spending river season out there guiding ever since. Working on the Middle Fork changed his life direction and allowed him to make lifelong friendships with the guides he worked with. In the fall and winter, Justin and his wife enjoy traveling and skiing around the west. Finding a warm beach or desert is a nice contrast to what the winter usually brings at his home in Big Sky, Montana.

Justin has a close connection with the Middle Fork of the Salmon – he feels it’s a very special river on every level. Every trip is a little bit different and amazing in every sense of the word. Once you are on the water time stands still and you are living moment to moment without any distractions from the outside world. Guides are some of Justin’s favorite people to be around as you are always learning, laughing and sharing stories.


Eric Ladd, Co-Owner & Guide

Eric launched Boundary Expeditions in 2016, operating multi-day river rafting trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. His passion for wilderness, rivers and guiding has never subsided after learning to guide at the age of 15 and later completing expeditions including the 2007 first descent of the Salween River in Tibet and the 2009 high-water descent of the Yangtze River in China.

Eric is also the founder of Outlaw Partners, a media, marketing and events firm in Big Sky, Montana and co-founder of L&K Real Estate, the top real estate brokerage in Big Sky.



Jason Moore, Guide

Jason’s passion is exploring rivers around the globe. Expedition boating has taken him to China, Tibet, and Costa Rica including multiple first descents. Domestically, Jason has guided rivers from California, Colorado, Utah and Idaho, all the way to West Virginia. From the Class V creeks of the Central Rockies to the high-volume Colorado River through Westwater, Cataract, and the Grand Canyons, Jason has navigated ways to keep his feet wet and sleep with stars overhead.

Jason has worked as a professional river guide and guide trainer, competed in Class V whitewater races and still continues to teach as a wilderness medical educator when ever he gets the chance.

When he’s not on the river, Jason holds multiple professional roles including working as an epidemiologist while also practicing clinical medicine as a physician assistant in the specialties of general surgery, trauma and critical care.

Thrice Shelton

Thrice Shelton, Guide

Thrice has always loved the outdoors. Especially the water anything from snowboarding to surfing. Growing up he went white water rafting with his family and couldn’t get enough of the river. After going to Alaska and raft guiding and fly fishing he knew what he wanted to do.

Thrice is now a raft guide on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and is absolutely in love with it and swears he will raft the middle fork for the rest of his life. Thrice is headed to Chile in the winter in hopes of finding the never ending summer.


Kelsey Dzintars, Guide

It took Kelsey just a few days on the Middle Fork with Boundary to realize she wanted to make it a part of her life. Eight weeks later, she was back for guide training. An artist and graphic designer from the Black Hills of South Dakota and now based in Bozeman, Montana, her work has been consistently influenced by her natural surroundings.

With her paintings she aims to evoke the emotions we feel in the presence of wilderness settings in hopes of fueling conversation and action in conservation. She loves to share these passions and will put a brush in the hand of anyone interested in getting in touch with their inner artist with the Middle Fork as muse.

Kelsey spends the winter months snowboarding, boating and rambling around the west with her eccentric mutt while working on creative projects.

Tim Ball

Tim Ball, Guide

Born and raised on the surf beaches of Sydney, Australia, Tim started river guiding on the mighty Nymboida River in northern New South Wales. He has also guided on the South Island of New Zealand, Nepal, Utah, Oregon, and his favorite state, Idaho! The capitol of white water rivers in the good old USA.

Tim is also an avid rock climber, snowboarder and rope access technician. He looks forward to seeing you on the Middle Fork!

Seth Dahl

Seth Dahl, Guide

Seth Dahl grew up in Montana where he fell in love with all things rivers. Soon he taught himself how to fly fish, kayak and to row a boat. His first river job took him down the Smith River, where he pushed a gear boat and cast flies to feeding trout. He also did day trips on the mighty Missouri River and on one such trip he came across Lewis and Clark in full regalia! No joke, ask him about it.

After a time in the military, Seth decided to pack up his gear and move to Idaho, with intent to work the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, the “Emerald Queen” of multi-day river trips. Eleven years later, Seth is still deeply in love with the wilds of the river, the people that float it, and the fish that swim it.

He spends his free time on river trips taking photos and drawing. Off the water, his drive for adventure has taken him into many wild corners of this world, mostly in pursuit of whitewater and fish. Seth spends his off-season in Boise, Idaho working for his video production business called Big Cedar Media. He hopes to inspire, motivate, and encourage people through the art of visual storytelling.

Mel Pareti

Mel Pareti, Guide

Mel grew up in the rolling hills of northern New Jersey. In younger years she had a few family fun floats on the Delaware River, and in 2000 had her first taste of whitewater on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica. In 2003 after finishing up her BA in Kinesiology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, Mel headed to Fayetteville, West Virginia to learn to guide on the New River and the Gauley River.

After that very first season spent in West Virginia, she knew that the river would always be a part of her life. With the incredible whitewater also came a family of friends and an amazing community of boaters. Mel guided in West Virginia for a few years, and then in 2006 she also began guiding rivers in Colorado.

When not commercially guiding river trips, Mel spends as much time as possible on private multi-day river trips across the west. Mel is excited for the opportunity to share all things great about river life. When not adventuring on rivers, Mel lives in the mountain town of Leadville, Colorado, enjoying skiing, hiking, nearby rivers, and cooking with her boyfriend and their sweet 12 year old lab mix.

Will Thursby

Will Thursby, Guide

Hello all! I’m Will. I grew up in Soda Springs, Idaho, where there was not much to do other then enjoy the scenic and wonderful nature of Idaho. My lifelong high school friends and I did everything we could to be on a mountain every weekend and that still holds true for the entire bunch of us. From skiing and snowboarding, to mountain biking, rock climbing and kayaking, we continually challenged each other and created bonds that will last a lifetime.

I was introduced to the Middle Fork in 2014, and I knew this was a place I wanted to be a much as possible. I dropped my twenty plus year career as a golf professional and made my way to this wondrous Frank Church Wilderness. When I’m not on the river, you’ll find me mountain biking, struggling to get the little white ball in the hole, or in the winter, chasing the pow pow with a snowboard or skis.

I can’t wait to spend time with each of you in this most beautiful place and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Paul Paeth

Paul Paeth, Guide

Born and raised in Missoula, MT, Paul was rowing boats before he was riding bikes. Some of Paul’s earliest memories involve fishing, rafting, and camping along the rivers of western Montana with his dad. Paul started his guiding career ten years ago as a fun way to support himself while earning his B.S. degree at the University of Montana. His passion for guiding rivers has taken Paul to the remote wilderness rivers of Montana and Idaho, as well as to Chile where he guided on the mighty Futaleufú River.

Paul is now convinced that he has found the “Holy Grail” of multi-day river trips in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and he looks forward to sharing an incredible experience with you. Paul spends the offseason snowboarding, elk hunting with his girlfriend, and waiting patiently for the next river season to begin.

Eli Kretzmann

Eli Kretzmann, Guide

Eli grew up roaming the outdoors of Idaho where his passion for exploring beautiful destinations was born. After college, and some volunteer work and travel in Europe, Eli returned to Idaho and decided to spend one last summer outdoors before pursuing a business career. That summer turned into a decade of summers guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Winters were spent abroad where Eli merged his business degree with his passion for travel to start Over The Edge Travel – a boutique tour company offering private tours to Asia.

After a couple year break from the river to pursue other ventures, Eli is excited to be back on the Middle Fork this summer.



Josh Timon, Guide

Josh caught his first “bug” of running rivers with Outward Bound in 8th grade. It was that trip down the Yampa and Green rivers in NW Colorado and Utah where Josh started learning about rivers, flows, navigation and the amazing experiences of multi day river expeditions. Since then Josh has floated the Grand Canyon, Westwater Canyon, many stretches along the upper Colorado and Eagle rivers, Desolation and Grey Canyons to name a few.

What draws Josh back to the river is the adrenaline rush and respect of the power of the river as well as the experience of Mother Nature while enjoying some hard-to-reach areas only navigable by boat. The Middle Fork of the Salmon offers an environment made up of world class fishing, natural hot springs, breath taking camping sites and a camaraderie that will last for years. Josh’s passion on the river will be exhibited when you sit down for meals as he enjoys the challenge of cooking in the elements.


Brian Ladd, Guide

Brian is passionate about mountains and rivers and have spent the last 20+ years climbing, fishing, ski touring, kayaking, and rafting. He has served as an alpine patroller for National Ski Patrol and hold an active certification in Outdoor Emergency care and am a licensed Emergency Medical Technician in Oregon.

The Middle Fork holds a special place in Brian’s heart and over the years he has come to appreciate the power and sacredness of this very special canyon. His favorite memory of this river was an intimate trip with friends and brother in 2014 when he made the descent in my drift boat, which helped me refine my river reading and rowing techniques in a hard-hulled boat.

Rapids can be had anywhere. Brian feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share this special canyon and environment with new clients (new friends) and the fact that it just happens to have a dense and exciting collection of whitewater is the icing on the cake. When not on the river, Brian runs a real estate team in Bend, Oregon and spends as much time outdoors with his amazing wife and kids as possible.


Cameron Scott, Guide

Cameron Scott has called the Central and Eastern Rivers of Oregon his home waters for over 20 years. A passion for floating rivers started in his early teens and it has been his calling ever since. With an average of over 100 days a year on the sticks on the Lower Deschutes River as a Fly fishing guide for trout and steelhead and multiple trips every year on the Wild and Scenic John Day river living in a crazy hectic world centered around the solitude and beauty of river life is a life he considers well lived and it is something he longs for almost every day of his life.

His favorite river trip in the past 20 years was a cancellation permit he was able to join in on with Eric and Brian Ladd, on the Middle Fork of the Salmon last July. The river levels were at 2.4 feet and dropping and he had agreed to float the river in a brand new plastic composite drift boat that Brian Ladd had just bought. We picked it up the night before the trip in boise and spent the next 5 days trying to dodge boat crushing boulders, huge drops and skinny water slots. It was the most adrenaline filled trip he has experienced in the past 20 years and one he won’t ever forget.

When not floating rivers or chasing the elusive steelhead all over the state of Oregon, Cameron is a custom home builder in Bend Oregon.


Henry Hall, Swaper Trainee

This will be my first season on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. After working as a gear boy for two years on the Gallatin in Big Sky, and sending my first trip down The Middle Fork last year, I am so stoked to be part of The Boundary Expeditions crew this year!

I attend The University of Denver, where I study film, and Emergent Digital Practices. In my free time I compete on The Freeskiing World Tour, I also enjoy mountain biking, and spending time in Montana Can’t wait to be on the river with you this summer!


Callie Stolz, Wellness Leader

Callie is the heart and soul of Santosha Wellness Center in Big Sky, Montana. Callie teaches yoga, practices Ayurvedic Medicine, and does a variety of bodywork and massage therapies.

Callie developed a passion for yoga, meditation and holistic healing nearly 20 years ago when it proved to be an integral part of her own healing journey. She is excited to share these opportunities for growth in the great outdoors with others in search of wellness and adventure.


Black “Betty”, River Scout

Betty will join many Boundary guests on their journey’s through the Impassable Canyon and has logged countless river miles. She is a lab/pointer mix, born on a Montana farm with a strong passion for hunting, fishing and skiing.

She has a keen eye for rising fish and usually spends her afternoons sitting on the shoreline with guests pondering thoughts of the amazing landscape of the Middle Fork.


Safety is our number one priority. Our guides strictly follow and exceed whitewater rafting industry standards for safety. All of our guides are swift water rescue certified and are wilderness first-aid caregivers. We will have an EMT on every trip.

All guests are required to read and sign a standard insurance waiver. Once on the river, every guest will be given a safety talk and hands-on personal instruction on safety in whitewater and backcountry conditions. The backcountry is exciting, exhilarating and can be unpredictable. We strongly urge our guests to listen carefully to their trained guides.