Families on the River

Spending your days braving whitewater and your evenings playing games, fishing, or telling stories around the campfire will bring your family closer than ever. It’s amazing how quickly the lack of electronics and everyday distractions begin to relax the whole family and create new and fun conversations. A river trip truly offers a unique opportunity to bring families together.

Whether you are fishing for trout with your children, star gazing with your spouse, or watching wildlife as a family, your sense of adventure and serenity will grow throughout the trip.

While parents are enjoying a good book or a nice hike after an exciting day on the river, children will enjoy time to explore, swim, or play games under the fun and careful supervision of our guides.

Boundary offers several boating options throughout the day to please every family member: For active members, an inflatable kayak is a great opportunity to captain your own ship. Paddle boats are perfect for family adventure bonding. Next, you can hop on an oar boat to enjoy a little relaxation.

Boundary suggests that children be at least 8 years old during high water and 6 years old at low water. We also recommend they have experience with swimming and being outdoors.

“I absolutely love rafting in Idaho. That’s why my special place is Idaho!…There were a lot of boats. Three queen boats, one paddle boat and one sweep boat. My favorite rapid was Kramer. It was the biggest class 4 rapid…I saw a lot of animals on the river. I saw a bear, two bald eagles, mountain goats, and big horn sheep!”

Reese age 9, Santa Fe, NM