Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon river

& The Frank Church Wilderness

Flowing through the heart of the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48 States, is the untamed Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Designated a Wild & Scenic river, it constitutes 100 miles of pristine free-flowing whitewater.

Story of the River


The old timer’s saying that there is nearly a “rapid a mile” for the 100 miles is not far off. Flowing from pristine alpine meadows, the headwaters join to create the Middle Fork –  high in the lush forests of central Idaho. A consistent gradient drop keeps the river swiftly flowing through multiple climate zones, culminating in the deep gorge of the Impassable Canyon.

Fly Fishing

A world-class fishery, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River draws anglers from around the globe to cast into its crystal clear waters. Native, west slope cutthroat trout and rainbow trout populate the catch-and-release waters and provide plenty of action for the dry-fly angler.

Hikes, Hot Springs and History

Every day is full of new surprises. Venture beyond the river banks on a guided day hike, spend a quiet early-morning soak in a natural hot springs, or scramble up to stunning waterfalls. Hidden on granite boulders, many-hundreds-year-old pictographs tell stories from the lives of the Tukudeka tribe that once called this canyon home.

Camp Life

Boundary Expeditions provides an elevated approach to camp life. Our high-end camp set up includes “stand-up” tents complete with comfortable cot, sleeping pad and cozy sleeping bag. Around the campfire you’ll find an open river bar and smiling concierge – always ready to fix a specialty cocktail, start a camp game, or lead a hike.

Gourmet Dining

No wilderness trip is complete without gourmet dutch oven cooking. Thoughtfully sourced ingredients and a wholesome, wellness-based menu blend together to ensure you’re feeling your best for all the action the week throws at you. With snacks on every boat and three wholesome meals each day, you’ll be well stocked for the adventure. We are happy to cater to your dietary needs or restrictions.

Wilderness, Wild & Scenic

At 2.3 million acres, The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is the largest roadless tract of land in the Lower 48 States. Flowing through the heart of the wilderness is the 100 mile ribbon of Wild & Scenic designated Middle Fork of the Salmon River. These two designations provide for the highest level of protection and preservation of this incredible river and landscape.

Professional Guides

We’re proud of our team and take the responsibility of being backcountry professionals seriously. Each member of our guide team is medically trained as a Wilderness First Responder or EMT and is required to keep a current Swiftwater Rescue Technician certification. Beyond the years of whitewater experience, one of the most important attributes of our team is the love of sharing wild places with our guests. Quick to smile, ready to help, happy to teach, our team is full of amazing individuals eager for you to join us in this incredible adventure.

The Boats

On every trip we provide a thoughtful line-up of boats based on group interests and the river’s water level. Our mix of boats ensures there are plenty of fun options for everyone.

Our 18’ oar boats support a very comfortable ride on the cushioned front bench. Stream Tech fishing boats offer the pinnacle of fly-fishing design. A trip highlight is often paddling your own inflatable kayak. On our paddle boats you’ll get right in the action as you actively provide the paddle-power to crush waves and burn off that morning’s fresh, dutch oven cinnamon rolls.

Mastering the Art of 3 MPH

Our motto, “Mastering the art of 3 MPH,” pretty much sums up our river philosophy: this is your opportunity to slow down and engage with nature at her own pace. This time on the river is a gift, an opportunity to unplug, slow down, and soak up every moment.

That being said, we do adhere to a general schedule that keeps us arriving at camp on time each day.

A Day On The River

A typical day on the river looks a lot like this:

  • 6 am – birds chirping and the early morning aroma of coffee and tea might stir you to wakefulness. Sit around the campfire or at the water’s edge with a book or enjoy a light bite from the continental bar
  • 8 am – after packing your bags, wander to the camp kitchen for a piping hot breakfast served from the griddle
  • 8-10 am – enjoy some free time, take a morning hike, or maybe we’ll offer a yoga session while guides pack up camp
  • 10 am – life jackets on – it’s time to hit the water!
  • Mid-day – with the sun high in the sky we’ll stop for a riverbank lunch, swimming, and maybe a short exploration hike for those who are interested.
  • Afternoon – back on the water for the afternoon, with opportunities to stop for an interpretive pictograph sighting or visit a homesteader’s cabin
  • 4-5 pm – we typically arrive in camp sometime in the late afternoon which leaves the evening free for shoreline fishing, hiking, camp games, or just relaxing with your feet in the water
  • 7 pm – get ready because the guides are cooking up a gourmet dinner
  • Evening – Campfire and river bar open till late

While the daily schedule remains fairly consistent, every day is different depending on miles floated, side attractions available, rapids, and weather. Some days we might have hot-spring soaks, and other days we might embark on a hike to one of the Middle Fork’s “Magical Moments.” The sure consistency through it all is we are going to have an amazing time!